What equipment does Dark and Darker have?

Dark and Darker

What equipment does this nearly perfect thrilling game have? Let’s take a look. The following is a detailed introduction. Weapons Swords: such as long swords, short swords, great swords, etc., suitable for close combat. Axes: such as battle axes and Franciscan axes, suitable for characters who deal a lot of damage. Bows and crossbows: such ….  Read More

Diablo 4 Mount Armor

Diablo 4 Mount Armor Guide

Diablo 4

This Guide to all Diablo 4 Mount Armors covers everything you need to know about Mount Armor, including their models, and where to find them. Recommend: Diablo 4 Season 3: Governing and Tuning Stones Guide Battle Pass Mount Armor in Diablo 4 Coldiron BardingDescription: A horned, heavily armored barding.Diablo 4 Season of the MalignantCost: Tier ….  Read More