What are the main features of Helldivers 2?

Helldivers 2 is a third-person cooperative tactical shooter that focuses on teamwork and strategic gameplay. Click here to learn more about Helldivers 2 Medal, here are some of its main features:

Intense cooperative combat

  • At the core of strategic combat, four or fewer players form an alliance to travel through this unknown and dangerous alien territory and jointly meet a series of challenging missions.
  • Facing powerful enemies, players need to cleverly combine their respective equipment and skills and formulate sophisticated strategies to gain the upper hand in the battle against numerous enemies.
  • In this tense confrontation, smooth communication and precise target/mission marking have become essential elements for surviving higher-level challenges.

Strategic Warfare

  • This is an elite military force responsible for defending Super Earth from alien threats such as Terminids and Automatons.
  • Missions involve objectives such as protecting areas, defending locations, or eliminating high-value targets.
  • Careful use of strategy is the key to turning the tide of battle.

Challenging and Rewarding Game Mechanics

  • The game is known for its extreme challenge and difficulty. High risk is accompanied by high rewards. Extreme challenges will inevitably bring the ultimate competitive experience.
  • The introduction of the “permanent death” mechanism, once the player character falls, it must be replaced with precious resources. This design significantly enhances the tension and urgency of the game.
  • However, after overcoming many difficulties, the joy of success is huge. Players will be rewarded with valuable resources, which can not only be used to improve the performance of equipment, but also to unlock new weapons and skills to enhance combat effectiveness.

Destructible Environment

  • The game features a highly destructible environment that can be used strategically.
  • Hellbombs and other explosive strategies can flatten buildings to clear sightlines or create choke points.

Upgrades and Personalization

  • By completing missions, players can accumulate resources, which are used to upgrade their spaceships, including obtaining new weapons, armor, thrusters, and strategic options.
  • Before the start of a mission, players have the freedom to customize their equipment configuration according to their personal play style or against specific enemy types.

Although it retains some of the core gameplay of the original version, Helldivers 2 has made new improvements in the third-person perspective, visual effects, weapons, etc., which is also a wise choice for the majority of players.