NBA 2K23 Guides: Making standing dunks even more for bigs

If you want to get more standing dunks in the game, in addition to the vertical attribute, you also need the help of some badges. The most commonly used badges are Fast Twitch and Rise. If you like low scoring, remember Dropstepper and Backdown Punisher.

Fast Twitch

Close Shot0 – 67758596
Standing Dunk0 – 70879499

Rise Up

Standing Dunk0 – 67809098

Drop Stepper

Post Control0 – 58697887

Backdown Punisher

Post Control0 – 55728087
Strength0 – 65768694

Data testing allows these badges to be kept on Gold to obtain the most significant benefits. But this requires enough points to exchange. If you need more than your points, please complete the season challenge. It will allow you to get many rewards, including NBA 2K23 MT.

In addition to needing badges, if you want to activate more standing dunks, you also need excellent animation. Still, it should be noted that Only take the dunk when you trigger the SHOVING ANIMATION unless you end in a good position after the Drop Step. DO NOT FORCE IT if it’s not there.

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