TERA – Focus On How To Farming Materials

If you want to enchant your gear, then we need to get some “Golden talent” and “Wood Scrap”. If this happens you have 1 option: do more combat! You can do it 2 ways: either killing monsters on the Island of Dawn or do the low dungeons Dougal suggested. More details about advancing and enchanting the gear can be found below. If your favorite server is PS4, then you can buy your satisfied Tera Gold PS4 from U4GM with the cheapest price. 365/24/7 Online service is always offering you the prompt Tera Gold delivery.


But before we continue, I must point out that the daily limit for Vanguard quests are 16. That means if you finish 16 vanguard quests on a given day, it will no longer grant you extra gold + credits + other stuff it showed before. However, you can still receive items from dungeons.

In order to continue to the Island of Dawn, make sure you have at least 1 quest remaining. Time to hunt some monsters. Find a green texted mission called either of these: Hunt brutal risk/obelisk/basilisk

Despite their name, they are not that terrifying! Basilisk is like the first bigger monster you encountered in front of Bastion of the Lok entrance. Orisk is the same as Channelworks 2nd boss. Ovolisk is the same as Sinestral Manor last boss. So you should be familiar with them.

Your job is to kill 10 of 1 type (shown in the Vanguard window which one). Pick up the yellow Keen motes regularly as they greatly increase your critical hit chance and power for 60 seconds. Once you defeated 10 you can receive your rewards in the Vanguard window (this window is actually a very important thing!). The point is beside the gold and the credit is the “Brilliant enchanting box” you get. Right-clicking this item will grant you materials.

But that is what you need to do: Press H, pick a monster you want to kill, teleport and defeat, repeat until you’re bored and/or depleted the daily 16 limit. After that, finish with Kalivan’s challenge / Ravenous gorge / Shattered fleet instances for even more enchanting materials.

Ravenous gorge (RG) is a 3 player dungeon, Kalivan’s challenge (KC) is 5 and Shattered fleet (SF) is also 5. Anyone can queue to Ravenous Gorge, and the other two will require 1 heal and 1 tank. Any level 65 player can participate in these dungeons, so for a quicker clear, you can ask your higher geared guild members to help you. Do these 3 instances until you have enough materials. That includes a few hundred golden talents, some wood scraps and finally a few archdevan catalysts. For details on obtaining Tera Gold, click here: https://www.u4gm.com/tera-gold.