Smoothest and Brain Deadest Tanky Build for Flashback – PoE

I just want to walk through maps without worrying really. Farm up a bunch of currency and what not from all the crazy league mods. I was thinking either Shield Charge-Discharge, Jugg RF, Mjolner(?).

Mostly it depends on what kind of character you want to play. Hopefully its cheap/able to be league started as well, Jugg RF with Anime guardian Dyadus seems to be the leading pick right now though. So you want it to be :

1) low budget for league start

2) super tanky

3) high clear speed

4) great single target

This is just never going to exist. You’re going to have to sacrifice 1 of those in any top tier build, 2 for a mid tier or niche build. There isn’t a holy grail build that can do all content on a 50c budget at high speed.

Some top meta picks for example:

Tornado shot
High speed, decent single target, can start out low budget and keep investing, not tanky at all.

Autobomber / discharge
Insane clear speed, fairly low budget to get started, medium-low tankiness / survivability, basically zero single target.

Jugg RF
Low clear speed, super tanky, medium-low budget, medium but unkillable single target.

Varies a bit per ascendancy, but ranges from good to top tier clear speed, pretty tanky to insanely tanky, decent to solid single target, and pretty high starting cost no matter what since you need a shavs and decent gear to not suck.

Gc totems / mines
Low clear speed, high survivability, low budget, insane single target.

Frost blades / molten strike: good clear speed, good single target, low budget to start with possible investment, usually quite squishy. These are all solid options, though obviously more meta picks. I’m not familiar with the animate guardian build you’re talking about but if it looks fun just play that! The in-game currency is available at the professional online gaming house. The interested gamers can poe currency buy from those professional online gaming houses in the most affordable cost.