Path Of Exile Randomizes The Map Every Time You Boot It Up

Path of Exile, the game only really bites back when you join parties with other players, inflating the number of monsters you’ll have to tackle. Though it’s not an unattractive game, Path of Exile doesn’t have Torchlight 2’s sense of style or Diablo 3’s polish. Path of Exile isn’t a great action RPG, but it’s a pretty good one, it’s off to a promising start and the developer says it has a lot planned for the months and years ahead.

The developers have chosen to forgo in-game currency, encouraging players to buy path of exile items, while vendors only offer further customisation tools as rewards. The benefits of adding DirectX 11 support to Path of Exile (to facilitate and Xbox One launch) were immediately applicable to the existing Windows PC version of Path of Exile. If more developers begin to approach game development this way, then Microsoft may be able to wrest their way back somewhat from where they are at the moment.

As PC players of Path of Exile, we wanted to find out how the Xbox One version will impact the PC Path of Exile gaming community and PC version of the game. Path of Exile supporters are passionate about the game and not all will be pleased to see money being put into a console version. While you might have been familiar with where to go and what to do before, you may be confused this time around, visit the official website here.

Path of Exile isn’t going to just hand you a clean slate whenever you want it. If you mess up a passive skill point, you will need to earn a respect point from quests or use the aptly named Orb of Regret item to get a do-over. Like Diablo II before it, Path of Exile randomizes the game map every time you boot it up, ensuring that you wont mindlessly breeze your way through to a boss fight.