What’s Your Favorite Items In PoE Abyss Leagues

What are player’s favorite areas and classes in Path of Exile? GGG have compiled a list of stats from the current Abyss leagues. Today we’re looking at which path of exile items were played the most.

Let’s look at which areas, out of all of the locations in Path of Exile, were run the most. The top ten run areas in Abyss League were The Twilight Strand, The Blood Aqueduct, Arid Lake, Beach, Burial Chambers, Vault, Strand, Desert, Abyssal Depths and Channel.

Path of Exile

This is the first time in memory that The Twilight Strand has been the single highest-run area in the game. This is almost certainly due to the introduction of Oni-Goroshi, which requires hundreds of Twilight Strand runs to obtain. The other interesting appearance on this list is the Abyssal Depths. The appearance of the Abyssal Depths indicates that it is considered a valuable occurrence that players are unlikely to skip, mainly due to the potential for it to contain one of the Lich bosses.

And the top ten maps that players like were Arid Lake, Beach, Burial Chambers, Vault, Strand, Desert, Channel, Iceberg, Arcade and Graveyard. It takes time and effort to reach yellow Maps, and even more to reach red, so it makes sense that the majority of Maps run are white. Vault appearing as the 4th most run map is a clear sign of its relative popularity (and therefore value).

The top five white maps that players like were Arid Lake, Beach, Burial Chambers, Strand and Desert. It comes as no surprise that maps with a fairly simple layout and boss are popular. It’s also encouraging to see that, though there is a slight skew in terms of popularity of the northeastern quadrant of the Atlas, it is not entirely dominant. This skew is probably at least in part due to the name recognition of Beach as a solid starter map.

In Path of Exile, the Necromancer’s powerful defensive options continue to shine in Hardcore. The Inquisitor has seen a sharp rise in popularity across both Hardcore and Standard Abyss variants — this is likely in part due to the power of some of the new support gems (in particular Ancestral Call) as well as the strength of Elemental damage on Abyss jewels, and changes made to Reflect mechanics.

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