Do You Know How To Build PoE AFK

What’s the AFK builds in path of exile? There are few areas in Path of Exile that you’d want to AFK in anyway, since the mobs near you would die, and then you’d have nothing left to hit you. You can set yourself up to become virtually invincible with the right poe items/stats/skills. Theorycrafting AFK builds is definitely entertaining.

AFK Build 1: AFK Balls

It made use of ignites to deal damage by having a thousand spells go off every time your character gets hit by anything. You would have a bunch of low level spells on low level Cast When Damage Taken (CWDT) setups. When you got hit, all of these low level spells would go off.

Eventually you’d take enough damage to set off your high level CWDT setup and spells, dealing even more damage. You could also wear Abberath’s Hooves so that your opponents wouldn’t need to hit you to start the process.

Path Of Exile

AFK Build 2: Golemancer

Golems can take out Shaper easily while you’re dead. That’s right, as long as you can get to the final Shaper area and have the right setup, you can happily die, sit back, and let your golems do all the work.

Unfortunately, this build isn’t quite as interesting as the others. You can choose to go either Necromancer or Elementalist, both have their upsides, but most people prefer Necromancer now. You wear one or two Clayshapers for additional golems, and get points on the tree for more golems.

Once you’ve finished your build and your tree and have 8+ Primordial Harmonys, you’ll have golems regenerating 25-30% of their life per second, and each of them have life pools that are over 20,000. Even when they’re standing in the middle of the hardest content in the game, there is very little that your golems can’t deal with.

AFK Build 3: Scorching Ray Blocker

First off, this build doesn’t actually kill your enemies. It has the potential to AFK in front of the hardest enemy in Path of Exile, letting you get up, stretch, and, after you come back to the computer, kill him in a single button click. This build is designed to do one thing: clear Hall of Grandmasters (HOGM). For anyone who doesn’t know how HOGM works, real players have submitted their characters and become a part of the enemies there.

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