Path Of Exile: Minor Features Of War For The Atlas

As detailed on Path of Exile’s website, War for the Atlas will be released first on PC on December 8 and shortly after on Xbox One. While you are watching War for the Atlas, you can also browse our website on GM2V and purchase some Chaos Orbs to enhance your gaming experience and prepare for the War for the Atlas, the following information is about the Minor Features Of War For The Atlas.

Path Of Exile

  • The targeting behaviour of many skills has been improved, especially against large targets such as Kitava and Arakaali.
  • Updated the item frames to fit the current user interface.
  • Updated the Stash chest model. So new! So shiny!
  • The tutorial has been slightly adjusted to better direct players who are having trouble very early on.
  • Added a visible Tutorial barrier to the entry of Lioneye’s Watch, which vanishes after a passive skill point is applied.
  • Added a tutorial element for using Portal scrolls, and improved the Waypoint tutorial.
  • Added a system for scaling the visual effects of ailments based on the size of the monster.
  • Added voice acting for many NPCs and story glyphs which were missing them when they were added in The Fall of Oriath.
  • You can now open the Help Panel by pressing ‘;’. This can be changed in the Options menu.
  • You can now dismiss Help Panel notifications by right-clicking them. They will disappear by themselves after 6 seconds.
  • You can now turn Divination Cards in at Navali in the Epilogue town or in your hideout. The description of the Divination Card achievement “Soothsaying” has been updated to reflect this.
  • The Forsaken Masters have moved back to Oriath, and can now be found in the Epilogue town.
  • An effect is now played on corpses which disappear due to hitting the corpse-creation limit for skills like Desecrate and Unearth.
  • Values for ailments, such as Shock and Chill effectiveness, can now be viewed in the Character panel.
  • Added images to the map pin hovers for areas added in The Fall of Oriath.
  • Added an option to leave your current party to the character portrait drop-down menu.
  • The league selected on the drop-down menu on the Character Selection screen is now saved, and will be the selected league whenever you open your client.
  • Improved the quest reward selection user interface.
  • Added a timer below each flask icon which, while the flask is active, displays the remaining duration for that flask.
  • Debuffs are now displayed on a separate line to buffs, flask effects and charges.
  • Auras you have activated that are affecting you are no longer displayed in the buff bar as the skill icon shows which auras are active. Auras from other sources will still appear in your buff bar.
  • Skills with modified cooldowns now show their final cooldown rather than the cooldown modifier.
  • Monsters will now show their rarity as they’re emerging.
  • The Challenges tab now displays the number of challenges you have completed at the top.
  • The default minimum for Dynamic Resolution Scaling is now set to 30 frames per second. You can change this in the Options menu.
  • Improved the effects for monster rarities and ailments.
  • Added support for subsurface scattering. Check out the ice and candles!
  • Optimised a lot of skills, areas, monsters and effects.
  • Continued to incrementally improve the sound, art, effects and environments.

Finally, thank you and have fun!