Madden 18: Running The Ball Has Been A Key Part Of Iteration Of Madden

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Madden 18 Best Plays For Stopping the Run

Running the ball has always been a key part of every iteration of Madden, and Madden 18 is no different. Should you need to stuff a running play from your opponent then we’ve got the ideal plays for you just below, no matter what position you happen to be in on the field.

4-3 Under: Edge Sting – Make sure to pinch your defensive line prior to the snap, and this blitz can wreak havoc in your opponent’s backfield.

4-3 Under: Cover 3 Cloud Wk – For this play, you want to select the ‘base align’ option, followed by the ‘show blitz’ option, allowing your players to move up the field and get the jump on their defensive assignments.

4-6 Bear Under: Gap Press – This blitz play is high risk, high reward, as there are simply too many blitzing players for the offensive line and blocking running back to pick up, but it does leave your backfield with limited personnel to defend against the pass.

Nickel 3-5-5 Odd: Sam Mike 1 – This play is great for stuffing a run up the middle, as since the second linebacker will always be matched up against the running back, he’ll cover any holes that the other, blitzing linebacker leaves open, if the running back tries to take off.

3-4 Odd: Cover Sky 3 – Control either of the middle linebackers and patrol the middle of the field, letting your corners control the sidelines. The blitzing linebacker off the line to the side of the field can catch your opponent and any blocking running backs by surprise.

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