MU Legend: Webzen Decided To Bring The MU Universe Back To Life

The MU Legend concept is based on the development of the hero. Through pets in the MMORPG MU Legend, your character is able to open a variety of bonuses. The official premiere will take place by the way, and now we can enjoy a full version of the title. We decided to tell you about this aspect of the game on our official review, by visiting here to know everything.

Bleeding any pet passes in a fairly simple way, as long as you have an active pet, it will gain experience from killing any mobs. Note that he will get more experience if you kill someone strong and fat, the initial three levels are fairly easy to raise, just by killing ordinary mobs in batches. You can pump up to ten levels of one grade, with each level in the pet will increase the bonus stat and the amount of power to which it increases your combat potential. After receiving ten levels, there will be a chance to increase the grade of this pet by one point.

For now, pandas, dark lord, war mage and whisperera are available. Over time, you will also see the emphasizer and later black phantom. Each of these professions has two types of weapons that offer different sets of skills. What’s more, we have also familiar with the winged prototype, which influences the character statistics. All this can be further strengthened and developed.

All in all, Webzen decided to attack the nostalgic players and bring the MU universe back to life in a new, free version. Most players are in need of MU Legend Zen to obtain valuable players or win more matches. Where can you buy Mu legend zen for safe and fast? Many of our new and old customers do know that U4GM is the best place for buying cheap & safe MU Legend Zen.