EA Has Put A Lot Of Effort Into Constantly Evolving The Madden NFL 18

Madden 18 is the brand-spanking-new Madden version, Madden 18 officially drops on August 25, Madden NFL 18 runs on EA’s Frostbite engine, which also powers the Battlefield series and others. Madden routinely ranks among the best-selling titles year in and year out, and 2017 doesn’t figure to be any different.

The Frostbite engine allows the game to reach new levels of realism in its visuals, and EA has put a lot of effort into constantly evolving the game to keep it in line with real-world events. Madden 18 was launched on August with more than an adjustment to its gameplay and story mode, the development team just stormed back onto the field with a new engine, improved gameplay, and a story mode finally worth giving a damn about.

Target Passing is the game’s new feature, according to Bryan Wiedey: “It’s tough to get the hang of it at first, even in simple practice mode without a defense on the field. It will result in a lot more sacks and some errant throws for those who use it. Those who get it down will have a dangerous weapon at their disposal, however. Regarding tips and tricks on Target Passing, reference from here.

On the whole, Madden 18 marks an unusually large shakeup in a series that, due to its annualized releases, rarely features much more than small, iterative changes. With Madden 18 making its Frostbite debut this year, fans are justified in wondering if Tiburon can pull off the move, especially given Madden’s prior history. More news and tips, or you are wondering how to buy madden 18 coins? U4GM is your the first choice.