Madden NFL 18 Longshot Comprehensive Guide

Longshot mode is a story mode, you take control of Devin Wade who is in college and wants to join his dream NFL team. You must guide him on his journey and make decisions for him so he can be successfully drafted in an NFL team. The Longshot mode is divided into three parts and you must complete them all in order to get your Devin drafted in a team.

Madden NFL 18 Longshot Comprehensive Guide
There are many require a choices and decisions, but don’t worry in this comprehensive guide we’ll guide you how to walk it through. We’ve prepared all correct choices and decision that will help you complete Longshot Mode easily. The leader character Devin will be also successfully drafted with this guide because all the necessary info we’ve listed for you.

First part

  • Start the game and choose the following conversations choices when they appear
  • During the introduction with young versions of Devin and Cole, select ‘Change the Play’
  • During the conversation with Colt on the road when the option comes, choose ‘Have Mercy’
  • After this, opt to sing with Colt
  • At the hotel, choose ‘Reject’ when the option comes
  • During the conversation in the Regional Combine, choose ‘Hush Colt’
  • Choose ‘Encourage Colt’ when he is feeling discouraged. After this, choose to go with him to improve your own grade and his as well.
  • When Mario Gonzales insults you, choose ‘Ignore Him’
  • During the TV Bosses scene, choose ‘Question’ at every turn.
  • Above Choices you must select in order to go on the next.

Second Part 

In second part, you must make the following conversation choices. During Longshot TV Show, you must ‘Doubt’ instead of ‘Brag’ and later invite Colt to the TV Show.

  • When in front of the cameras, select ‘Be Polite’
  • When you are with the TV bosses, select ‘Hold Back’

During the Longshot Mode Play Calls, you will be required to select 3 Plays. They will be these:

  • Play 1: Strong I Twins, Flex Dagger, X Dig, Y Swallow, and Z Go
  • Play 2: Singleback Ace Pair, Y Stick, X Slant, Z Go, U Flat
  • Play 3: Gun Bunch Weak, Double Trail, X Go, Y Dig, Z Swallow

During the Formation Analysis, choose these three answers:

  • Safety
  • X
  • twenty two

Keeping in mind do not ‘Insult’ or ‘Provoke’ your rival Quarterback when outside the office. And during the conversation with the coach, choose these three options:

  • Confirm
  • Singleback
  • X/Square

During the next Longshot Play Call Choices, choose the following:

  • I Pro, Bench, X-Out, Z-Post (right-side receiver runs a post), Y-Option
  • Next up, during the meeting with Colt, choose ‘Accept’
  • During the montage training scene, choose ‘run the ball’ and then ‘Throw the Ball’
  • During the throwing drills, first throw to Colt and then to the other receiver that is not Colt
  • In front of the media, choose ‘Praise Team’, ‘Be Honest’, ‘Justify’, ‘Deny’ and ‘Hesitate’ options when they appear.
  • In the next scene, choose ‘Defuse’ and ‘Ignore’

With these choices, end the second act of the game.

Third Part 

  • During Colt’s confrontation, choose ‘Avoid’ and ‘Justify’
  • When dealing with Ross, select ‘Choose to Reassign Ross’
  • During the conservation with Mario Gonzales, choose ‘Accept’
  • Later when asked for interview with Pat Kirwin, choose ‘Accept’

During the interview, you must make the following choices:

  • Open up
  • Lean on Team
  • Praise McCarthy
  • Downplay Stardom
  • Excuse Scmyzniak

You’ll face another choice when you are in the Finale’s 4th challenge: passing the ball to Colt or not. Do remember don’t pass ball to him. As for the 5th chanllenge you can go for the down option.

Above all choices are the necessary step you need to follow and all the choice are in the order, so just play the game nornally and observe the guide, Devin will definitely be drafted for a team at the end of Longshot mode.