You Will Never Play A Single Game In Madden 18

Recently, more and more news about Madden NFL 18 were released, and recently the most talked about the topic of the player is definitely the new trailer appeared in the Longshot, this is the only series of football with the story of the play, once released, by a lot of players Of love, say that this model will be very interesting, will be looking forward to.



But there are some different voices, they said that after adding the story, will make Madden 18 content becomes redundant and boring, and most importantly, they can not Play A Single Game In Madden 18.

Devin Wade, the main protagonist, never gets into a single NFL game in this campaign mode. You play through high school, Pop Warner, and college football…but never the NFL.

Even worse, some of the games you do play at these levels of non-professional football are segmented or cut short. It sounds like these are going to play out as brief pauses between cinematics and decision prompts. That doesn’t sound like much fun to me.

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