The Battle System Of Final Fantasy XIV Was Changed

Regarding the forthcoming expansion Stormblood, in accordance to Final Fantasy XIV Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida, more latest information was revealed. First of all, Yoshida-san showcased the battle challenge available on the show floor at E3 2017. After that, we also saw a a video showing swimming. Entirely news and recommend you visit here to get more.

It’s worth mentioning that Final Fantasy XIV undergone a series of remarkable changes. One of the biggest notes for sure is about the Battle System. The producer noted that there were a lot of problems with the current system. These included how it was too “overly complex,” there seems to be a lack of synergy between jobs, the system can overwhelm players who aren’t hardcore players of the game, and so on.

Asked about the white mage changes, Yoshida-san asked that players calm down a bit, and not just about white mage. This is simply because the data we saw from the media tour was from the end of April, and since then a lot has changed. Raid difficulty should be more or less the same regardless of party composition.

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