FFXIV The Second Expansion Stormblood Comes Out In June

Square Enix still in an effort to help more gamers into Final Fantasy XIV, previously, the game had a free trial version, during this time, gamers can free to play, but, they can enjoy the game up to 14 days. According to the company announced, the free trial version is completely gone. If you have managed to play higher level, and cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil for sale.

For the Final Fantasy XIV free trial, gamers can’t be allowed to play beyond level 35, it means that you will able to try out everything the game has to offer at your own pace, until you reach 35 level. This will let players try out different jobs, challenge the first 10 levels of the deep dungeon, play at the golden saucer, and more.

Final Fantasy XIV patch 3.56 has arrived, the patch brings with it the end of the Heavensward main story quests, Season 4 of the competitive feast rankings, which you’re probably not going to hit on a regular basis. It’s enough stuff to give you good reason to keep working your way across Eorzea until the game’s second expansion comes out in June.

This patch marks the abolition of the 14-day free trial’s time limitations. So the free trial is now limitation, although you can’t get higher than level 35 and you’re limited to the base game without Heavensward content. More Final Fantasy XIV update news, click here to get more.