FIFA 15 FUT: The rare gold 25K packs in March

Big surprise! EA Sports have released rare gold 25K packs in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, which would be a good news to all FIFA 15 fans and causes the losing of their FIFA 15 Coins. We can get these rare gold 25K packs in FUT 15 until around 6PM UK time, on March 4 2015, which is not really a long time to wait, you can get the packages today!

EA Sports officials explained that the normal limit of 5 packs still stands, so if this interests you then take advantage by 6PM GMT tomorrow. You can see the said tweet within the screenshot below.

FIFA 15, rare gold 25K packs

FIFA 15 server problems and status updates – it’s fair to say that some people won’t be able to take advantage of the rare 25K packs thanks to server issues. This is clear on the likes of server monitoring website Down Today, which has hundreds of players complaining about different problems with FIFA 15. Recent issues relate to the FUT transfer market and problems with purchasing players, as some people don’t receive them.

Have you been able to take advantage of the rare gold 25K packs in FUT 15? If not, did you notice any problems with FIFA 15 servers and being able to sell players?