$466 million: ‘Big 5’ markets spend in winter transfer window

The “Big 5” countries has spend $466 million on Winter transfer in the 2014-15 winter window according to FIFA’s analysis, which have created a new transfer fees record!

According to FIFA’s Transfer Matching System (FIFA TMS), research from England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain showed that while there was a two percent decrease in activity (452 incoming international transfers) compared to the same period last year, spending increased by 36 percent.

England’s Premier League was by far the top spender with $173 million, followed by Germany’s Bundesliga with a spending level of $116 million. In contrast, France’s Ligue 1 clubs spent 50 percent less in the most recent window compared to last year.

In total, 79 percent of the 452 transfers came from countries outside the “Big 5,” with the top three nationalities sought out being British (54), Spanish (44) and French (36).

Two big January deals saw Andre Schurrle move to Wolfsburg with Fiorentina’s Juan Cuadadro replacing him at Chelsea.

The Premier League is set to continue its dominance in terms of spending following a 70 percent increase in the value of its British television rights for the 2016-19 seasons.

$466 million,winter transfer

Sky and BT are paying a combined 5.136 billion pounds ($7.8 billion) to show games, with the broadcasters paying more than 10 million pounds ($15.2 million) to screen each game.

Meanwhile the Bundesliga announced in January it had achieved a record turnover for the 10th year in a row , with numbers going up by 124.8 percent since 2004 and 13 of the 18 top-flight clubs posting a profit last season.

DELOITTE MONEY LEAGUE — 10 RICHEST TEAMS (according to the statistics of UTfifa15coins.com)

1. Real Madrid, £459.5 million

2. Manchester United, £433.2 million

3. Bayern Munich, £407.7 million

4. Barcelona, £405.2 million

5. Paris Saint-Germain, £396.5 million

6. Manchester City, £346.5 million

7. Chelsea, £324.4 million

8. Arsenal, £300.5 million

9. Liverpool, £255.8 million

10. Juventus, £233.6 million