Perform throw-ins in FIFA 15

Most of the time, a throw-in wouldn’t be a topic of discussion for an advanced tip on playing FIFA. However, this year EA included two interesting features that will help try and break out on the defense.

Up until this year, you took control of the thrower and aimed at one of your computer-controlled teammates on the pitch, regardless of whether he is open or covered. This year, by pressing the Right Stick, you can become a player on the field and push to get open yourself. When you are in the clear, press A/X depending on the system to call for the ball. This little feature is hugely beneficial, especially when playing against a real opponent and not the A.I.

Another improvement to a throw-in is a through pass. Yes, the same type of through pass you are thinking about when passing on the field (Y/Triangle). This lets you throw the ball a little in front of your intended receiver to lead him to it, with the hope of scoring a full speed break past any defenders. We find this type of throw very helpful when playing with a friend on your team. You can communicate the run much better than before.

FIFA Throw-in styles

  • Power bar determines how far the player will throw the ball. However just tap the button and if the player is far away but in space the ball will still get to them quite quick.
  • To throw the ball low press pass button.
  • To throw the ball high and longer press lob button.
  • You can also do a through ball throw where the receiving player won’t naturally stand in the way of the ball. Good for launching attacks down the wing. Use through ball button for this.