As we all know, the elites in FIFA are emerging in endlessly. When we building the squad, we always can not sure about which attackers we should buy. Now, this article aim to take the suggestions of the best strikers and forward for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.


Ibrahimovic is one of five people whoes ability value over 90. While,the speed is not so good, if the shot time is not right,the ball would fly away. Actually, i think the Ibrahimovic is more suitable in the 9th position.In addition,the heading ability of Ibrahimovic in fifa15 is standout. Overall, to choose Ibrahimovic need to seek cooperation with his teammates. For the average player, 50 million coins is a little bit expensive.

2.Sergio Agüero

If you used Agüero you may notice the excellent speed and shot technique coupled with a good body, so that in FIFA15 it becomes a god card. Especially when the forward runs behind the defense to throw off the goalkeeper, almost never miss. Despite to buy Sergio need 100,000 coins, but definitely the Agüero is currently the best choice to be ST.

3.Robert Lewandowski

I believed a lot of rich players crazy to open package and build a Bundesliga team. While, even the Bundesliga can’t without Robert Lewandowski as ST.The strength of Robert Lewandowski is his outstanding ability to grab points, if you have two fast wingers (such as Arjen Robben, Marco Reus combination) that will be able to play the greatest power of Lewandowski. Of course, Lewandowski also has a great advantage on speed, body physical. Overall, this card is an essential ST at later stage.

4.Robin van Persie

Van Persie shooting ability has a horrible 90 value! Apart from Ibrahimovic, how many people have such a high shot? The worst is that he actually has 82 PAS. All in all, the 74 speed limits his developing in FIFA15. However, in the genre of the players like to control the ball, he was occupied with the highest status.

5.Diego Costa

I really like to use Costa, strong body and good shot skilled. I use he scored three goals averaged data. One of highly recommended candidates ST!

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