FIFA 15 PS4 Share Play Feature is Blocked With Its Broken Issue

Launched in late October as part of PS4 system update 2.0, Share Play enables a second user to enjoy multiple software features remotely without having to own the game being played by the host, including taking control of the title during sixty minute sessions.

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However,FIFA 15 PS4 players encountered an issue that they cannot access their Share Play. Now the problem has been solved and EA decided to abandon the PS4 feature in FIFA 15.

FIFA 15 players find that they cannot enter their share play last Friday. PS4 officials announced that they were currently investigating the issue and EA retweeted the message. Afterwards, the issue is resolved and EA quietly block the PS4 share play feature in FIFA 15. If you are FIFA 15 PS4 players, you will see a message when you try to use the feature ,saying that the viewing the game screen that the host is currently playing is not allowed due to content restrictions in your country or region.

EA Abandon the feature for providing FIFA 15 players better entertainment. Actually, this is not the first issue happen in FIFA 15 PS4. There is a stuttering issue in FIFA 15 PS4 that the game starts to lag as soon as you sign in the EA server. Eventually the problem is fixed after one of its patch.Maybe just because the lagging issue before that EA decided to abandon the share play feature for a precaution of possible problems in FIFA 15 PS4.

Anyway, FIFA 15 PS4 is now working well and FIFA 15 players are having fun. If you want to buy cheap FIFA 15 coins PS4, feel free to contact

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