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Note that this is a safe event. If you die in one of the marked zones around RuneScape’s major cities, be it to an NPC or another player, you’ll respawn with all your gear intact at your faction camp. By the way, if you need the rs gold, you can also buy runescape 2007 gold on our website too so that you can get more good weapons in the game.


runescapegold06Whether you’re a battle-hardened fighter or a peaceful skiller, there’s plenty that you can do to help determine the outcome of The Bird and the Beast. Everything described in this section will help your faction harvest divine energy and/or hinder the enemy in doing so, thus affecting the factions’ overall score. At the end of the six week event, the side that has the highest overall score will emerge victorious – and for the losing god, it’ll be lights out!Contributing in also earns you renown that can be spent on rewards at your faction’s quartermaster.

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