The Runescape Woodcutting strategy

Woodcutting is one of the well recognized skills of RuneScape as there are trees scattered all over RuneScape.It is an idea skill to start if u wish to gain some decent rs money at low level .

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Woodcutting is a very profitable skill.Although you will have to get a high woodcutting level to start earning sone decent money , with dedication u could be earning millions

Other uses for Woodcutting are firemaking and fletching, a members skill. With firemaking, you burn the logs. They are wasted, but you gain firemaking levels. Other uses for normal logs with fletching are making arrow shafts. All other logs are limited to making various items.

Level 1 to 35

Level 1 is the starting point for all great woodcutters. At this level, you can cut normal and evergreen trees. Members can use the regular logs they obtain from such trees, to fletch arrow shafts. A good spot to train for non-members is by draynor manor with the forest of dead trees. At level 15, you can chop oak trees. However, these can be a little slow, so if you stay around the same general area of Draynor woods, you can interchange between regular trees and oaks. At level 25, you should now be able to chop oaks fast enough; continue chopping in the forest just east of Draynor. At level 30, you can chop willows, but continue with oaks until around level 35 – allowing you to chop willows faster. Members should consider training in McGrubor’s Woods, as it is not crowded and the trees are more spread out.

Level 36 to 60

From level 36, you should be able to chop willows fast enough. For Free players, the best place to chop and bank your willows is Draynor Village, just south of the bank. For Members, you can’t go past the willows outside the Barbarian Assault mini game, as there are eight willow trees, accompanied by a deposit box just inside the mini game. Willow logs can be a very good money-maker for lower levels, making up to 25k per hour. Other good spots include South of Rimmington, West of Port Sarim, East of Port Sarim, and beside the Champions’ Guild. Unfortunately these spots are second-rate, due to the fact that there are no nearby banks. However, if you are dropping or burning your logs as you go, these places are never crowded, so are far better than Draynor. For members, there are also large amounts of willow trees located by the Lady of the Lake, in Taverley. Once again, there is no bank handy for banking logs, so this spot is better for people burning or dropping their logs.

Level 60-75

At level 60, you can now chop yew trees. Trying to do so at this level, though, is utterly pointless. The only reason you would even bother is if you are after money; however, yew logs only make around 30k an hour at level 60, so it’s really not worth it. There are three locations where free players can chop yews easily. These three free world locations are Edgeville, North of Varrock Castle and South of Falador, as detailed in the image below. There are also less-crowded, but more out-of-the-way, locations North-East of Port Sarim, East of Draynor Village, and in Lumbridge Churchyard.

Level 76-99

You are an expert at woodcutting at this point. You can chop every log in the game, and you can do it well. You should know the best places to chop whatever it is you are after, but we’ll cover some good magic tree locations all-the-same.

At level 75, members can chop magic trees. However, if you are after experience, stay with willows. Even at level 80, magic trees are very slow. The magic tree areas are often crowded, so you also have to put up with that if you decide to chop magic trees for money. You would be better off chopping yews until at least level 85 before you begin trying to chop magic trees. The best places to cut magic trees are South-west of Lletya, South-west of Seers Village (near the Range Guild), outside Thormac the Sorcerer’s Tower, and at the Mage training area.



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