Runescape Guide of How to Make Range Level to 99 for F2P

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Range is one of the most important skills in Runescape, many FTP players want to level up there range to the max in the shortest time. But that is not easy, so we have brought you a guide for you which can give you some help to level it up as soon as you can.
For Range less than Level 20 Players
Cows in the Lumbridge Cowfield should be your target for these novice levels. An alternative switch is chickens,which are one of the best to level 15, but you would probably get bored after level 15. The cowhides sell for over 100gp each, and the bones provide fairly good prayer experience for your current level. Just bank at Beefy bill’s every time you get a full inventory of cowhides.
For Range 20-40 Players
They drop a wide variety of very good herbs, up to ranarr, which sells around 6-7k each. You won’t be damaged too much if you aren’t TOO low of a level, but if you are low-leveled, bring some food. Tuna is a good and cheap delicacy to bring. Dwarves are also an option, but only work well until level 30. And they do not drop as much of profitable items as Chaos Druids do.
For Range 40-50 Players
Hill giants drop limpwurt roots very often, sell for 1k gp a piece, and their big bones give good prayer exp. Or if you are not into leveling your runescape prayer you can sell the bones for good gold. You can make a lot of money per trip. Another option is training on white knights until level 50,though they can work until 60, it is not recommended to train on them till level 60, because they do get boring and do not drop good items.
For Range 50-60 Players
Train on ogres, located southeast of Castle Wars. They drop big bones 100% of the time and also drop good seeds occasionally. They are also a reliable charm dropper. As long as you avoid melee distance, you won’t take too much damage. Though they don’t hit that high, only around 6 or 7 damage.
For Range 60-70 Players
Train on green dragons in the Wilderness location.
For Range 80-99 Players
You can range almost anything perfectly. You can continue with Aviansies, which will give you a ton of money. Or, you could battle with the other monsters stated earlier in the article. During this stage, you will make a TON of profit if you choose the correct methods. Red chinchompas are likely the best experience, which equal to around 300k exp per hour, but cost amazingly high.

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