RS3 Magic of skills Talking

If you are facing a group of players attack, it is wisely for you to use spells that temporarily lower the opponent’s stats. By doing that you would get more chances for your group to defeat your enemies. While if you are on a PvE raid, you should better use the so called safe spots when killing monsters, for it will keep you on a safe distance from the enemies. So you would not get much damage and on that occasion, you would have enough time to prepare yourself join into the fight.


With good magic skills, players are especially good for dealing damage to melee attacks. But there still a pity that they are not strong enough to fight against the ranged players. This is because that they usually have strong magic resistance and good armor. Every coin has two sides, if you choose Runescape magic; you would find there are advantages as well as disadvantages, but you have no need to worry about that, just avoid the weakness and improve your strengths.

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Binding spells would be useful, but you should remember keeping track of the time that the opponent will be frozen to perform combat and deal damage, which is very important for you. Let me take an example to explain it. The spell Entangle will leave you with about twelve seconds to cast several combat spells before your enemies will be able to attack back. Not all the monsters are difficult to kill; some of them also have different weakness to various elements. So you just go to get a clear understand of them, you would find it is easy to kill a monster, even a group of monsters.

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