RS3 black iron ore and black diamonds to Ivar

Give the Squeal a spin from tonight and you’ll notice two new things up for grabs: the black iron ring and the jewelled black iron ring. Equip either 1 and get started mining to attract the interest of Evryn: a useful dwarf and miner extraordinaire. Just about every so typically Evryn will tunnel his way out in the ground and toss black iron ore your way. For those who’re wearing a jewelled black iron ring, he’s a lot more likely to become generous and yield bigger amounts of black iron ore ¬®C and even a black diamond when you’re especially fortunate.


Take your black iron ore and black diamonds to Ivar, a dwarven smith at the Artisans Workshop and he will gladly trade them in for Mining XP or Smithing XP!Even though the rings are around the Squeal of Fortune, there’s also an improved likelihood of winning Mining and Smithing XP lamps and pendants, as properly as Smithing talent crates.

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Birthright with the Dwarves the most recent Grandmaster quest was released this week, so now’s the ideal time for you to celebrate all items dwarven and increase your Mining and Smithing XP together with the Squeal of Fortune!

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