Dominate the Runescape game to create a strong masterpiece

The game is a realistic style of martial arts theme RPG web game, set traditional RPG, against the PK, business simulation, collected in one self-contained camp rivers and lakes. RS Gold Heart voting system is one way to create a masterpiece strong dominate the arena is not difficult, the powerful never mind, the contrary does not do anything good never mind the players will be binding the feet!Get the heart must be divided into the game “martial arts” versus obtained two ways and ingots, silver get 5000 once the green heart of the decision of the first layer of beauty and a chance encounter blue or green layer beauty encounter opportunities, the third layer of blue and purple heart decision encounter opportunities is obtained from the second layer, the fourth layer of purple and orange heart decision on the third layer.

and finally a layer of dark gold and orange obtained from the fourth floor,Game RS Gold is extremely wealthy RMB players the harvest never mind the method is very simple, take ingot Bash on the line, but the game “martial arts” is applicable to the ordinary player game versus encounter never mind still needs to be emphasized. The first thing you should upgrade your inn to three, so as to make their own economic ability to encounter heart decision, In fact, the three day inn income between 60-80W, to get rid of some of the daily overhead every day can leave 40 -60W, so you save three days versus can go to the heart of decision.

It is just happy voting system to click 5000 beauty never mind one encounter, the first layer is no need to say is stop clicks versus the second layer of opportunity here little trick when the first layer 4 times in a row you did a second layer of opportunity, this time you can immediately to the point of the second layer encounter opportunities, so a 80% chance of a third layer.

So, but there is little need to pay attention to ensure that every time you want the opportunity to impact the next level five times before going under the impact layer, because the special is you the impact of the next layer, and the time or in full when this case You can continue to click the red the next level so that the success rate is also more than 70%.

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