All players can with its unique charm to attract in RuneScape

It has a unique user the intimate design. Don’t look down on this, in fact, a lot of time is in detail to highlight the game designers the intimate, RS Gold for players to viscous stronger. Its interface characters design may not be all good, but its 3 d design effect is very good, by the up and down or so the direction key control, interested can try next, the feeling is very similar with warcraft. Background music is always be players praise, and its map real-time display let you mistakenly assume that you are playing online games, not just a page game.

Players in Runescape basically is to rely on fighting, other for auxiliary. Runescape except for fighting outside, also have other skills, mainly used to make objects, for example, have smithing (mainly used to manufacture metal products), crafting (manufacturing clothes, clay thing, jewelry, etc., in pay membership edition has more about this aspect of things), mining (mining, and smithing have close relationship between), cooking, cooking, used to make food, the higher the level, the kind of food can make the more).

In Runescape, after an injury is using food to “covering” hit point of. Fishing is one of the major sources of food, Buy Runescape Gold due to cooked fish can edible, so and cooking have close relationship. Woodcutting (cutting) and fire making (the fire) is not important skills. On pay within member edition woodcutting is important, because there are many special trees, this in the free game is useless.

It has powerful friends system. May it with everyone that friends are system. When you enter the, are randomly assigned to a more conducive to your game speed servers. May you in Canada today and tomorrow is in the UK. But whatever you from which server log in, showing good friends system, you can be and it 159 server arbitrary a server players add for good friend, including member server.

It has a vivid expression system. Its expression system can match the world of warcraft expression system, of course, you also need to reach a certain level to see. It is The Grand Exchange goods commission system. The Grand Exchange is The game The newly-opened independent trading system, can be used both members and non-members, Cheap RS Gold key is it connected with all servers, you can at The same time and ten thousand people do The deal. This system similar to the stock trading lay system, the buyer and seller need not meet, all transactions are automatically, commodity prices with the city fluctuations, runescape gold once clinch a deal, cannot draw back.

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